Overview of Tracking Devices and Industry Development Trends for 2020-2022


Scope of the report

The aim of this report is to present information about the tracking devices (including fitness bracelets, smartwatches and sports watches) and market development trends. Tracking device series included in the report cover the models for 2014-2022. Market trends analysis covers the period of 2020-2022. The report was preparedon July 19, 2022.

The tracking devices presented in the report include devices that intend to be used for personal purposes and are not intended for usage as medical devices.

The first part of the report presents information about the market size and industry development trends. Information was obtained from open sources.

The second part presents information about the released tracking devices. Information for this part of the report was obtained from the OISTER databese.

The third part presents information about the influence of different tracking devices` features on price.