Weekly review on DH&W devices

Pet devices

This review presents information on most interesting Digital Health and Wellbeing devices, based on the opinion of OISTER team. Information obtained from public sources or product manufacturers, OISTER is not responsible for the accuracy of information and presentation of all available products on the date of submission of the review.

Amaryllo Petite ACC1308F1BL camera pet tracker

Petite is a camera device that keeps pets safe and protected even when customers are not at home.

Brands: Petite
Trading Companies: Amaryllo, Inc. (US-CA)
Development status: pre-orders/mass production
Retail price, US$: 149.99

  • Length, mm: 80
  • Height, mm: 80
  • Width, mm: 80
  • Weight, g: 222
  • Charger: DC adapter
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Storage: cloud
  • Working Principle: tracking; displaying; alerting
  • Measurings Subcategory: activity
  • App: yes
  • Supports pet detection (dogs, cats, and birds)
  • HD Wi-Fi camera
  • Video resolution: 720P, 480P, 360P
  • Video compression: H.264, MJPEG
  • Enable or disable IR LEDs
  • Built-in microphone/speaker
  • Manual pan tilt and zoom 4x360° viewing angle
  • Two-way communication
  • Crystal clear night vision
  • Motion & audio triggered notifications
  • 256-bit military grade encryption
  • Supports continuous video recordings of up to 365 days
  • Power supply: support 100V ~ 240V (5V/2A DC)
  • Color: red, blue

SureFlap Felaqua Connect iCWS (and Hub) pet feed drink tracker

Felaqua Connect delivers fresh water and monitors pet's drinking patterns and provides insights into pet's drinking behavior. Felaqua Connect links to the Sure Petcare app via the Hub, which is connected to home router. Each Hub can connect up to ten devices of devices family.

Brands: Felaqua
Trading Companies: SureFlap LLC (US-FL)
Development status: pre-orders/mass production
Retail price, US$: 199

  • Height, mm: 264.16
  • Weight, g: 816.5
  • Charger: not rechargeable
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi; cable
  • Diameter, mm: 281.94
  • Device shape: not standard
  • Storage: cloud
  • Working Principle: tracking
  • Measurings Subcategory: food quality
  • App: yes
  • Resevoir capacity: 1 liter
  • 4x C Cell/LR14 - alkaline MO2 (not included)
  • Hub LEDs: red, green, orange
  • Felaqua Connect also have LED

Invoxia - smart dog collar

Invoxia smart dog collar - is a special collar for dogs to keep track of their condition and whereabouts.

Brands: Invoxia
Trading Companies: Invoxia
Development status: pre-orders/mass production

  • On-body Device: Neck
  • Charger: micro usb
  • Connectivity Technology: bluetooth; Wi-Fi
  • Device shape: band
  • Sensor / Scanner Type: GPS
  • Battery life, hours: 2920
  • Touchscreen: no
  • Working Principle: measuring; tracking
  • Measurings Subcategory: heart rate; activity
  • Heart rate
  • Respiratory rate
  • Edge computing - embedded artificial intelligence

Bird Buddy - smart bird feeder

Notifies of bird visitors, captures their photos and organizes them in a beautiful collection.

Brands: Bird Buddy
Trading Companies: Bird Buddy Inc
Development status: pre-orders/mass production
Retail price, US$: 199

  • Height, mm: 230
  • Width, mm: 160
  • Weight, g: 600
  • Battery capacity, mAh: 6040
  • Charger: USB Type-C
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi; bluetooth
  • Battery Material Type: lithium ion
  • App: yes
  • Seed capacity - 0.9 liters
  • Filled weight - 1150g
  • Weather resistant
  • Camera - 5 megapixel photos
  • Video - 720P HD live stream
  • Universal bottom mount
  • Audio - microphone
  • Dual-action motion
  • Accelerometer
  • Nylon hanging cord

Link My Pet Smart Pet Wearable

The Link is the smart GPS dog collar with activity monitoring.

Brands: Link My Pet
Development status: pre-orders/mass production
Retail price, US$: 135

  • Length, mm: 57
  • Height, mm: 36
  • Width, mm: 20
  • Charger: micro usb
  • Battery life, hours: 336
  • Working Principle: tracking